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The ven are a race from long before our time, they were contemporaries of the Hyperboreans and Atlanteans, although those races were nothing but primitives at this time. Created by the Sorcerer Kings, they were slaves until the Kings brought doom unto themselves. They vanished and the ven took over the shattered remnant of the world. Shanri, the enemy.
This is the end of their age, the height of their power.

The ven are divided into several Unveiled Houses:

There were Veiled Houses, which earned their way out of land, out of history. Some may return, like the bold Falcon. Here are some of them:

The beings of Shanri are divided into several types:

  • Ven, the blooded lords of the world.
  • Veth, or ‘dirt’.
  • Ork, anything living which is not ven or veth counts as ‘ork’.
  • Suaven, the ven who have passed into solace.
  • Spectre, horrible spirits who draw energy from the living.

The words of Shanri are complex and strange, the few found and truly understood are indicative of their attitudes towards the world, society and each other.

Main Page

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