Shanri means enemy, never is that more true than the frozen north. Most of the Blooded of the Bear left ven society to make their own fate. This should not be. There are untapped resources, ancient ruins, veth who don’t yet know their place.

Count Olaf Steiner is entering winter, and his vassals are dead. Beloved by the ruling house of Burghe and with a son not yet old enough to take his own land, Count Olaf needs new followers, and due to political machinations, the Senate has decided who they shall be.

By the order of Zsanosz Yvarai, The Count Kether, you have been stripped of your lands, your wealth, your servants, wives and children. For some this is a curse, worthy of revenge. For others this is a fresh start.

This will be your opportunity, this will be your undoing. A game of blood and ice, of vengeance, romance and tragedy. And revenge, let’s face it, is best served cold…

Best Served Cold

Majushi Captain_Swash